How We Help You Plan For Success - JJ Miller LLC

How We Help You Plan For Success

We are interested in your vision, your ideas and your North Star. It all matters!

We work closely with small business owners like you to identify areas of both potential growth and potential loss. We want to find out about you and why you took the plunge to open your own company. We ask the right questions to reveal the gaps between where you want to go and where you are…and why.

At JJ Miller, we believe that a successful business begins and grows when equal attention is given to four fundamental areas: financial performance, customer retention, reinvestment back into the company, and processes that work culturally and fiscally. By focusing on these four areas, we can develop a prioritized gap closure and growth plan form-fitted to your company, or identify areas that are impacting growth negatively and create plans for turning these around to be forces for growth.

JJ Miller works with our clients to keep this important balance and ensure everything is aligned for success. Services include:

  • Business Operational Gap Assessments
  • Internal Process Review and Improvement Plans
  • Annual Business Planning
  • Sales Analysis and Planning
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Plans and Campaigns
  • Branding Concepts
  • Hiring Assessments
  • Talent Development Initiatives
  • Employee Retention and Motivation Programs
  • Client Engagement Strategies
  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis and Improvement
  • Business Tool Assessments
  • Community Outreach Initiatives