How We Help You Plan For Success - JJ Miller LLC

How We Help You Implement That Plan

We roll-up our sleeves to help get the work done!

Plans are terrific, but implementation can prove particularly difficult for smaller businesses which typically have stretched resources. That’s why after we help you formulate goals, objectives, and strategies, we roll-up our sleeves to help you get the work done! And unlike other management consulting firms that have cookie cutter and one-size-fits- all approaches, JJ Miller creates solutions at are useful for your operations….always mindful that time and money must be carefully budgeted.

Best Practices are by definition the antithesis of innovation. And Innovation eventually causes discomfort.

– Christian Haas

JJ Miller has the experience to implement every part of your plan. Services Include:

  • Senior Leader Coaching and Mentoring
  • Process Improvement
    • Sales
    • Employee Goals & Review
    • Vendor & Subcontractor Programs
    • Hiring & Retention
    • Work Flow & Project Management
  • Employee Training:
    • Sales
    • Management
    • Leadership
    • Process Implementation
  • Employee Appreciation Programs
  • Talent Search
  • Charitable Program Implementation
  • CRM / ERP Research and Implementation