About Us

JJ Miller, LLC is a business management consulting firm dedicated to the growth and progress of small businesses. It was founded and is owned by Barbara Alves who brings over 30 years of experience in all aspects of business improvement and management process—from customer service to running P&Ls.

As a former Chief Operating Officer in a small, service sector company, Ms. Alves directed the P&L of four functional Operating Units as well as managed sales & marketing, office administration, and human resources for the company. She worked closely with the CEO and owner to develop strategic and tactical initiatives that drove the company’s vision.

JJ Miller was created to help other small businesses foster their vision and accomplish their goals by concentrating on four main areas that really matter for growth: the development of focused and attainable financial goals; the creation of scalable and repeatable processes; the undertaking of sustained strategic innovation and employee development; and the realization of continually providing exemplary customer satisfaction.

JJ Miller is helping companies from a mix of industries. Among our clients are “solopreneurs”, start-ups and companies looking to be more competitive after several decades in business.